"You cannot mandate productivity.
You must provide the tools to let people
become their best" - Steve Jobs

This is my development stack. I always use this in all of my projects.


As I write this, 35% of websites in the world are powered by WordPress. What a powerful CMS right?


Over 82 million websites using WooCommerce to sell their products and services. I love this plugin because I can extend the function easily.


With this powerful page builder, I can build any website literally within a minutes. Yours? Maybe less than 10 minutes I guess?


A powerful and easy to use Web control panel. RunCloud makes my life easier when it comes to monitoring.

Digital Ocean

For security and faster server, I use Digital Ocean to serve all of my websites.

Amazon Web Services

If you want higher specs than DO, I would recommend using AWS to host your application. Usually, I use AWS SES to send email from the website.


Best platform for me to monitoring, doing domain technical and CDN.


Best way to create a development site. Here, I won’t worry about anything because everything is underdevelopment site. It won’t affect the production (live) site.

Bootstrap 4

This UI Framework is really powerful and handy when it comes to front-end styling. They’ve already created the crucial styling. I only need only to declare it on my website.

Git Hub

I will save all of my work and code inside Github. So that I could revise and re-use again the code for the next project.


Do you need a custom system to achieve your business mission and vision? I can do that using Laravel. A very powerful and popular framework created by Taylor Otwell, backed with developers around the globe.


This is the platform that I use to store all the website databases.

Visual Studio Code

Every code that I craft, I do it using this software.

Americano Coffee

I wonder why most of the developers love Coffee. Including me. I really love Americano.

Adobe XD

Before developing the website. I will use this software to create a wireframe. This software will show how the website gonna be. And this will help me develop a Design Pattern for the entire site.

Google Analytics

For me to make a better website or remove unneeded menus or function, I use Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel

The best tool (so far) to generate sales for my clients! The combination of WooCommerce and FB Pixel is remarkably effective.

Tinyfied PNG

Most of the website got slow load problem. This is because the image is too large! I use this software to reduce the image size without losing quality.


Email software that can customize the functions. If you’ve more than 50K emails to send a day, I can do that easily using this software. I would highly recommend using AWS SES and Sendy.

Many Chat

Chatbot to make more leads and sales.


I do not expert using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. So I’m using this software to create anything related to website and system. Plus they’ve free version!

Git Kraken

To track all of my backlogs, I use this software. All of my stakeholders can know what function or page I’ve working on.

Agile Method

I love this Project Management Style because this style is more flexible compare to Waterfall.


For me to communicate with team members or stakeholders, I use WhatsApp. It easy right? But not for the official matter.